Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chloe Notes

This is a list of some of the things Chloe does.

  • She says thank you.  "Ton cue." and signs it at the same time.
  • She likes to dance to Blue's Clues and blow kisses at Steve.
  • She says "Hi." quite plainly, but "UP" and "Help" are difficult to distinguish apart.
  • Most of the time she goes to bed without problems.
  • She loves the cardboard box I cut holes in for her.
  • She loves to bounce and be rough-housed a point.
  • She says "All done."
  • She says "Down" and signs the same.
  • She likes slides.
  • She loves phones.
  • She loves "Blue's Clues." ...and Steve.
  • When she gets to a certain page in "Goodnight Gorilla" she goes "OOH" in a high pitched voice.
  • We read a book called "Hand Hand Fingers Thumb" and at the end whoever's lap she's in bounces their lap up and down when we get to the last page with the words, "dum-ditty dum-ditty dum-ditty dum!"
  • She likes songs with the words "Up Above" in them...and only slightly less if they have just the word "Up."
  • She now LIKES to walk in the grass.
  • She will bring you things you ask for.
  • She says "Yeah," and nods her head, often as if you are continuing to ask about something that has already been handled and discussed ad nauseum.
  • She sits in the high chair fine, but prefers to sit in the one that lets her belly up to the table.
  • She is getting better with a fork and spoon.
  • She loves strawberries and fruit.
  • Cheese is her first love, Kraft singles to be exact.
  • She still loves necklaces and looking pretty.
  • Steve of "Blue's Clues" is her second love.


Lorrene said...

She has advanced by leaps and bounds in the five months you've had her. It is such a pleasure to watch her learn new things every day.

jade said...

Who is Steve?
I'd be jealous...
Sounds like she's doing very well indeed - wish I'd known about baby signs before, where can you learn them?