Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Silly Weekend Rehash

 Chloe has become a good model!
 She has been most excellent!

 We worked in the backyard and she had fun.

 I think I like that we were together the most.
the long road


Charissa said...

That last picture is really cute! The rest are great also, but this has "dad and me" written all over it.

Lorrene said...

She didn't think she liked him very much at first, but that sure changed. The last picture is my favorite too.

Kayce said...

LOVE these!!!! The shot of the painted toes is just precious! Reminds me of a little girl I've got fluttering around with pink toes! :)

Sarah said...

I love the feet and toenails shot. Very cute.

Susan said...

What a doll!! Loved these and those cute little feet. Precious.

Hope you have a great day!

jade said...

Lovely colors! Hope the back is all better now, regards, Jade

Anonymous said...

The first Picture, Come on Dad you want to take another picture of ME!! and the next to the last one, Dad hold still I'll get it out of your eye !!
Aunt Carol, keep them coming!!!

Erika B said...

Great shots! Painted toenails are always a hit in our house.

Erika B