Monday, May 23, 2011

Tired Again

I have had it with this wheezy little irritating cough!  I just about am going crazy!  For the most part I have no cough, but about 5 times during the day that irritating little tickle starts wiggling in the back of my throat and I can't do anything but cough!  Cough drops suppress the urge, but they don't stop it.  I am convinced that cough syrups are nothing but sugar water or some other useless concoction.  I am fed up with this!!

Chloe, sweet darling that she is, woke up at 3AM.  We both got up and quickly fixed her a bottle, changed her, and put her back down.  Cora went back to sleep while I lay there with a tickle growing in the back of my throat.  I thought that it might help if I sat up, so I went to my chair...and NO, it doesn't.  I tried to sleep, but that did not happen and I have been up since...either tossing and turning or just sitting here wishing I was asleep.  I even took a tylenol three since the Dr. said that is as good as the best cough syrups...I feel more tired now and though I am not coughing right now, that little tiny tickle is there still.

Well, that's enough whining.  Or is it?  The phone that I inherited from Cora finally bit the dust.  As you may recall, I lost MY phone in Tokyo.  Cora gave me hers when we got back from China as she had qualified for an upgrade before me.  So I have been walking around with a red phone.  Over the past few days I had been having to charge it and charge it to keep it charged.  The charge lasted little more than twelve hours.  We dropped by our friendly neighborhood Sprint store and my man Efren made a call and saw to it that I was ready for an upgrade at relatively little cost to me!

I am now the proud owner of a smartphone.  It has applications that do wonderful things.  It even seems to be a better PHONE than the old one, which I was forever having trouble hearing through.  This thing allows me to hear with ease!  It's touch screen and all kinds of awesome!  I may be in love.

Well, hopefully the third graders I am teaching today will be nice and allow me a nap...yeah, right.

I hope everybody has a good day!    


Charissa said...

It was Pink.

SpunkyBookworm said...

You need to try Zyrtec for possible allergies. Cough syrups for a tickle in your throat is a snake oil. Unless it's vicks and I don't think they make that anymore.

jade said...

I would say, try to get tested for allergies and if positive, then yes the zyrtec might be a goo option. I usually drink lots of water (still) or hot water with honey... hope you get some rest!

Cora said...

Totally PINK :)

Jimh. said...