Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Good Weekend for Rain

 What a weekend!  I took the above photo on Friday afternoon.  Saturday began beautifully.  It was sunny and bright and warm.  It changed, though.  It rained, as my father might say, like a "Cow peeing on a flat rock."  Which, I THINK means it was raining hard.

Chloe is not picky about the weather, she enjoys being outside anytime.  And since I guess I haven't had enough pictures of her lately, here are a few more!

 I grew up with iris flowers blooming around our house in the spring.  I found one today.  I took a picture.
 And...Cora said we needed to paint some canvasses today that have been sitting around looking ugly...I admit, I did the majority of the painting, but...Chloe and Cora DID help a little!!  The mountains below were supposed to be brighter, but turned out rather dull...I did it.  Sorry.
 Here you can see the Mother/Daughter Duo working together to create art the likes this world has never seen!

I took this photo of our bleedinghearts during the rain.
We went to a potluck for local adoptive families.  It was fun seeing new people with similar tales!  It was great meeting new kids and it was good to eat some food that someone else cooked.  I don't know the others well enough to post their pictures here, but I can post Chloe!  I am pretty sure she won everyone over with her squeaky shoes and her awesome sweetness!

 She seems to be a little irritated...probably that someone let the chickens free...
I think it was a good weekend!  I have the week filled up for teaching...well, except Tuesday, but that too shall be filled.


Kelly said...

Grandparents (or aunts) will love the paintings Chloe did!!

jade said...

I love all the pictures of your daughter, so glad we got several!!