Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rain Stomp!

 We had a nice day yesterday.  We began the day slowly and ended up going to town for some plants.  However, when we got home neither of us felt like digging in the dirt to plant them, so we put Chloe down to nap and then we relaxed in the backyard reading our kindles and drinking cold refreshments and snacking.  We relaxed, that is, until the battery in the baby monitor died, then I scrambled to get the one with a good battery.  Then we relaxed for awhile longer.  That is, until the rain clouds got really threatening...then we retired inside and actually did some cleaning...Well, Cora did.

Cora and Chloe went to see Molly when she dropped into town and it was raining horribly, but they braved the fact Chloe seemed to enjoy it.
I got several good pictures of my darling Chloe in the rain...she is so stinking cute.

On the way home Friday I had stopped to take a picture of something and then returned to the truck only to see an airplane and have to pull over to take pictures of was an F-18...the Electronic Warfare variant that has taken over for the EA-6s that used to operate from Whidbey....they are cool.

Ah, life is good!

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