Monday, May 16, 2011

The Lucky Man

I am the lucky man.  I mean it.  I am THE Lucky Man.  I married a woman who understands my quirks and for the most part makes room for them.  She is understanding when I am not.  She's mature when I am not...which is...all the time.  She is a better parent when I am not.  Well, let's just face it, she's better than I am!  I am a Lucky Man!  I love you Cora!

I also have a wonderful daughter!

Have I mentioned that?

The wonderful Daughter, that is.

Did I?

Yeah, she's awesome.

I taught in the Valley today and took some pictures of the flooding.  It rained all weekend.  The rains have to go somewhere, and they seem to be flowing into the Yakima River.  It is due to hit the high water mark Wednesday.  Here's what I saw today.

I walked across some nasty overspilling water to get this photo.  It was spilling across the parking area.  It was most...ah...invigorating.

Then I came home and picked up the daughter and then we had a good evening.

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