Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Slow Week

 So, Saturday, we met my parents at the park and we all watched Chloe feed the ducks and play on the swings.  It was a fun morning.

The week is going well.  Yesterday I subbed for a third grade teacher, but they were taking a test, and YOU KNOW third grade math tests require roughly the same security as nuclear material and I have not been trained to guard or administer either.  So I got to teach PE for the first part of the morning.  The last class I got for PE was that delightful first grade know, the one from hell?

They all walked in and were all, "Hi, Mr. Awesome!"  And I was getting the walk-by hugs.  I wondered if this was the same class I had yelled at last time I taught them.

It was.

A few minutes later I was barking instructions and getting very little reaction.  Oh, well, they are first graders and as long as they are moving around, running, playing, it's all ok...they don't seem to understand the rules.  Went pretty good for the majority of the period, but about 5 minutes before the end, my favorite student who had been hoarding balls and in general not being a team player, finally pushed past someone's breaking point. I didn't see it, but someone apparently pushed him down.  He apparently did a face plant, but I saw no evidence.  He told me who pushed him through the tears, so I uttered a basic growl at the culprit, but returned to the stricken child and asked him if he wanted to go to the nurse.  He did.

So he went off to the nurse and I growled at the class some more for not following instructions.

Another day.

I got back to my third graders and the day went well.  Today it's HS!

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Charissa said...

I think I would enjoy watching you bark. Just seems too out of character to see you in an authoritarian position shaping young minds. Love you bro. Fun post.

Kayce said...

The swing shot is sweet!

Erika B said...

That last shot is really super cute!

Erika B