Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I know I have said it before, but JEEZZZZZ!  I don't want to sub as a PE teacher ever again!!  I have a big problem with subbing for elementary school PE teachers...I always want to jump in and play.  Yes.  It's true.   I only want to do it because, thanks to my practiced biology, I am better at hand and eye coordination.  I HAVE been practicing for 37 years.  I totally ROCK the kind of tag they are playing this week.  Of course, sometimes they outmaneuver me, and they get me out...but they all like me more for it.  After all, their normal teacher NEVER plays tag with them...of course, the down side is I am feeling EVERY muscle I have ever had scream at me in pain!  Ah, the pains of being a sub.

Oh, did you notice?  My daughter is beautiful!

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