Saturday, May 14, 2011

Back With a Smile and Some Drool.

Now that Blogger is back up, I can post again.  I was seriously wondering if they would get it up again.  They did.  Wonderful work guys!  Whoever you are.

I had a good, if wearying week.  I subbed for an elementary PE teacher for the entire week.  It was a good week.  The kids played tag and for some reason, seated in my third grade mind probably, I felt the need to participate.  That would have been fine, the kids loved it and it was fun.  However, I am...a less than active individual during the rest of my life.  Yeah, I can walk for miles, but that does not generally include running, stopping, leaping, sprinting and all those other things you have to do in, I am REALLY sore.  Mostly muscles in my legs.

I am glad it is the weekend!  In the middle of the night we awoke to lightning...oh, and lightning's little brother, thunder.  A short time before that, we had awoken to Chloe's calls for a 230AM bottle...I took care of that in a drowsy haze.

Last night I discovered that I can approximate the effects of what are called selective focus lenses.  They are fun little lenses, or seem like they would be fun if I could afford them.  I found that if you use the right parts of my photo program I can manage a fair imitation.  It makes real world photos look like miniature models.  I think it is a cool little trick, though I am unsure how often I'd use it.  Have a look.  I know it isn't high quality workmanship, but you get the idea.

 For four of those five days, Ronald McDonald was presenting about bullies in the afternoon.  His skit was entertaining, and the kids loved it.  They are also planning to have a Mcteacher night soon, so that was part of it.
 And finally, we have Chloe.  Sweet, sweet Chloe.  Good ol' Princess Upbeforsix.  She has an internal alarm clock that is remarkably accurate, to within minutes.  It wakes her up every morning at 630AM.  Which is most often before we would like her to get up.  We love her, but we sometimes have to double fist coffee cups to prepare for the arrival of Sweet Chloe in our presence.

 The warming weather has brought us outside in the afternoons a lot more, so you will be seeing the sweetheart out in the grass and flowers more.

Have a good weekend!


Lorrene said...

I love that little doll.

Anonymous said...

She is so blasted cute no wonder you take so many pictures of her keep them coming !!!
Aunt Carol