Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Big O is DEAD.

So, after 10 years of pat-downs, taking your shoes off (Thank you Shoebomber-hey, couldn't you have figured out a cooler way to try to blow-up a plane?  Instead you are forever remembered as the douche who couldn't light his shoes on fire...go you! LAME!), checking baggage, and worrying about spending time in large cities, we have finally (and by we, I mean some awesome GI Joe Special Forces guy) caught and shot Osama Bin Laden!

I am not going to say that we should not celebrate another human's, I'm not that good.  I say, YES, let's celebrate that that jerk is dead.  Why not?  I saw the towers fall on TV.  I was on my lunch and sped home to turn on the TV and had to drag myself back to work...late.

Too many died.  We have ALL suffered.

Tonight, we find that the man who called himself leader of that horrible hateful responsible body is dead.

Need I say it?  HELL YEAH!!  I'm glad he's dead!

I usually try to keep a well rounded blog here.  No country is better than another, each has its own worth.  This is TRUE!  But, tonight, I am PROUD to be an American.

I want to thank all the responsible parties, be they the men who interpreted signals intelligence or the helicopter/Osprey pilot, or the guy who plugged Osama in the brain.  Thank you for protecting my family and my rights and my home.  Thank you.


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Lorrene said...

Yes Yes Yes. To be rid of that man is a gift to mankind. He has those following in his footsteps, but at least we are rid of the kingpin.

jade said...

Good riddance!