Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy Sunday

 Busy taking Chloe to the park and cleaning and working on the house!
 This girl loves to swing!
 and climb!
 and slide...
 She likes to go for a good walk.  We all went and enjoyed it very much.

 I worked outside building forms for a sidewalk between the slab and the shed.  Perhaps one of these days we will do a few more things, but for now I am working on the sidewalk and a man gate for our back fence...that will come tomorrow if I don't take all day on the sidewalk.  The tangle of string is to keep Toby and Gypsy out.
I purposely did not incorporate straight lines...just in case you're curious.  While I was busy outside, Cora was busy inside sorting and rearranging Chloe's wardrobe and also doing house work...a result is that we are both bushed tonight.  Chloe suffers no such problem, though.  


Lorrene said...

I like the one of her walking up the stairs like the big girls do.
She learns something new every day.

Charissa said...

Her mouth is FULL of new teeth. Awesome! She's growing so fast!

Sharon said...

Oh goodness she is just gorgeous!