Friday, May 20, 2011

Dandy Girl

 She said Double U today, and she was doing a decent rendition of the ABC song.  She asked for Cheese instead of a bottle the other night.  And prefers cheese to most other food items...although she is more than partial to strawberries.  she pronounces cheese CHEZZZZZZZZZZ, with emphasis on the ZZZZ.  She is a wholly remarkable girl.
Today, sometime around noon, I get to go on a forced march with some fourth graders.  We will be seeing the school where they will be next year.  should be fun...on the other hand, it is supposed to be hot today.  I'm saying, "screw the 'dress-code' I am going to be comfortable."  Jeans and tennis shoes for me.

Tomorrow, we go to the Tri-cities.  Me to see the B-Reactor and Cora and Chloe to get a haircut.  I'm not entirely clear who is going to be sheared, but it may be the smaller of the two.  You should look forward to some low-definition pictures from Cora's camera.  She asked to use mine for it last night and received a look from me that almost had her howling with laughter.  Cameras are sacred.

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