Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Night Lights, and Day Time Highs

I like being a substitute.  It is fun and rewarding.  Sure, there are those days where I feel I deserve just a bit more pay and something cold and alcoholic at the end of the day, but on the whole, it’s a really good gig.  If only it paid for my health insurance.  Seems like it keeps getting more expensive, and I am still just as healthy as I was when I signed on…stupid insurance company, I haven’t even used it!  I mean, WHAT THE HELL!?!?

This week I have been subbing for a math teacher that seems to like me.  She says she trusts me with her kids.  I like that.  I don’t like that I am in way over my head when it comes to the math, but we all must face things that make us look dumb.  I find ways around it as a teacher, though.  Usually, (and is it bad to say I learned this from the humor columnist Patrick McManus?) I simply stare at the child and say nothing.  This, as McManus said, puts the student into a uncomfortable situation.  They often start thinking over their request, suspecting that they have missed something.  Then they look at you, standing silent as ever, and say, “Never mind, I’ll ask so-and-so.”   Ah, psychology.

For those of you interested, Cora will likely get her Kindle tomorrow.  It is an electronic book.  It holds a charge that allows it to be used for weeks without recharging.  It can be read in bright sunlight and can download books as long as there is cell phone coverage.  Best of all, it will prevent our shelves from overflowing as they often do…usually because of me.  I have many books sitting in boxes in the shed.  I hope to put them in my future classroom…oh well.  We all dream, right?

I have been telling Cora that her Kindle won’t some in tomorrow because there was a Kindle truck accident today and all of the Kindles headed for this side of the state are SOL(Shit out of Luck).  I suggested I might hide it, but she reminded me that I leave Precious here with her in the morning…So, it really looks like she will be getting her precious Kindle tomorrow…lucky bum!

I took a few pictures outside last night.  Several were out of focus because I forgot to check my settings, but there was one I liked…an airplane flying past.  What do you think?


I also had this one that I rather liked.



Lorrene said...

I missed the plane, but I love the tree.
I have lived pass my time I think. Why would they name an electronic book Kindle? That is something to light a fire with. Used in a sentence. Did you bring in the kindling wood yet? a small memory from my past life.

Kelly said...

Oh I can't wait to see how Cora likes her Kindle... I've been eyeing a Nook myself. :)