Monday, September 20, 2010



I have a descendent of the spider plant cutting that I took home in second grade.  Mrs. Courier, though I am fairly certain you are dead, thanks.  My mother still retains the parent plant.  This is but a grandchild or whatever you call plants.  Spider plants are difficult to kill.  I go through phases.  I am a good plant keeper…then I’m a bad one.  Whatever, I still have my spider plants and the cacti from when we were on our honeymoon.  Here is a spider plant that has been through worse times.  I have killed better plants than it, yet, it remains!

This week looks like the week of the Fifth Graders.  I will teach three different classes of fifth graders in two different districts…looks like the makings of a good week!  So be it!


SpunkyBookworm said...

So cool that you can actually keep plants alive. Terra Carter (now Karl) gave me a bamboo and I killed it. How it the world do you kill bamboo??

Lorrene said...

Those fifth graders will keep you on your toes.