Thursday, September 16, 2010

Experimentation Via HDR


It’s called HDR, or “High Dynamic Range.”  What it does, is take three or more photos with different exposures and combines them.  As you can see, it gives a photo some new possibilities.  Look at those clouds!  I am going to have to figure out the best situations for it, but in time I will.  I thought this might be one of those times, but the light was just a little softer than I needed. 

Normally, photos show a small part of what we can see.  It will leave the darker, yet visible to our eyes, parts dark and the bright, but visible to us, parts white and un-detailed.  In HDR it takes the different exposures and combines them.  So if you expose for the dark areas the others are over exposed.  If you expose for the light areas, the dark areas are underexposed.  HDR attempts to fix all this underexposure and overexposure.  However, it does also open artistic potential. 

As you can see, it DOES have an interesting look.  I definitely plan to try a few more of these.  

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ccd said...

Looks fun. Will look forward to seeing what it does in other situations.