Thursday, September 9, 2010

F-84 Thunderjet!

Aircraft Folders 342

This is the Lead Sled.  There have been many names for it, with many of the names interchangeable with other craft.  This was also known as a GLOB (for Ground Loving Old Bastard), Ground Loving Whore, Hog, and Thunderscreech.  It was used extensively during the Korean War.  This example is at the Northern California Aerospace Museum, once known as McClellan Aviation Museum.  I am fond of the F-84.  It wasn’t the fastest nor did it carry the biggest load, it simply was built in large numbers and is a VERY good example of an early COLD WAR aircraft.

I have been subbing for a music teacher this week.  In fact, I have subbed for her classes this year more than she has taught this year!  I enjoy this part of my job.  At the elementaries I am popular with the kids.  I get to be a little crazy in the classroom.  You would not expect it, but my poor dance moves are used daily, if only for its entertainment value for the kids.

I have been getting requests to be a sub for certain teachers far ahead of time.  In particular, a certain math teacher prefers me over others.  I assume it is because of the rapport I have with students, since I have no value whatsoever as a math teacher!

What is next?  I don’t know.  Business as usual, I suppose.  I have not taken any photos for the last few days, which is not to say I didn’t want to.  I love my camera.  I just haven’t had the opportunity.  Today is Thursday!  I can’t wait for the weekend.  I want to take some more photos soon!

Here is a picture I took of a model spacecraft that i built from scratch a year or so ago.  I added some photoshop effects, what do you think?



Kelly said...

Remind me, which Nikon do you have?

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

WTH are you wearing?

Comrade E.B. Misfit said...

The Thunderscreech was an experimental XF-84H that had two T-40 turbines which drove a large prop.

Jimh. said...

That's RIGHT! I'd forgotten about that! I'd just attached the name to the F-84 in general! Thanks Comrade!!

Kelly: It's a D-90

Diana: I volunteered there for three months, it was part of the gig. Wear a vest and volunteer.