Sunday, September 26, 2010


So, since we are now waiting for a pre-approval letter from China concerning the little girl that awaits us there, we are both hearing from people that we need to come up with a name.  But, I ask, what is in a name?  There are so many things that depend on a name.  I mean, what sane person is going to hire an “Edith” to be a swimsuit model?   Swimsuit models are Trixies and Madisons.  What do you name a child?  How do you decide?  What keeps you from naming a child one name over another?
Well, let’s look at our experience:  I am the one that came up with Gypsy’s name.  My cat, when I was in High school, was Rappy (named for the Raptors in Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park).  Cora came up with Toby and Sully’s names.  I nicknamed Twinky at work.  And when referring to the idiots, I heard my usage of the word “Twins” a few times by others (though they looked nothing alike).  I don’t know if a child needs a name. Really, how about Adopted Child Number One?  ACNO for short.  I like it, it has a certain sound to it, but what about if we DO get a second child?  Then we would have Acno and Acnt.  I can’t imagine anyone would be able to pronounce it.  So, obviously, that is not a viable option.

Do we name the child for someone we like and admire?  I like Harry Potter books, shall we call her Hermione?  How about Eleanor?  For Eleanor Roosevelt?  Or perhaps some of the Twilight characters?  Alice?  Bella?  How about Dark Shadows?  Remember Victoria?  I used to read Anne McCaffery books.  Remember Pern?  Yeah, no one ever admits it.  Still, Lessa?  Menolly?  Gemma?  How about TV stars?  Daisy (Duke)?  Rachel (Friends)?  Jesse (Saved By The Bell)?  Prue, Piper, or Phoebe (Charmed)?   Hot Lips (M*A*S*H*)?  [that last is probably not appropriate…]

Still, you get the point.  What do you name a child?  It is going to be something they keep with them forever.  Do you go with something that will embarrass them endlessly?  Like Kim, Diana, or Charissa?  Surely you would not saddle a child with such a name as Lorrene, Kelly, or Karen! 

So, what do we name our child, whose Birthday is today (September 27)?  Seriously, how do you name a kid and have no regrets?  I don’t know.  Maybe we will just wait. 

And, by the way, Happy Birthday Little Miss!  We love you already.


The Wells Family said...

quite possibly my favorite picture you've much is said in this one tiny candle.... :)

FYI, the "verification code" on this comment is "Shana"...that's a name.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

How have you managed to cope with Jim all these years?