Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harvest Moon


I need a shutter release cable.  You would not believe the photos I could take if I had a shutter release cable.  It would make me stronger and taller and smarter.  Cora would lose weight and most of my friends would win the lottery!  YES!  This is what a shutter release cable would do.  So, who’s on board to  donate to my shutter release cable fund? 



Damn, I thought that might work.  Oh, well. I had a good day today.  I hope you did, too!


Cora said...

there is no other way to put are full of shit.

Love ya

ccd said...

I'm with Cora. Sorry bro. Maybe you can sell your pickup for all the accessories you want, then you can hitch hike to work. Just a thought ;)