Monday, September 6, 2010

To Say It Was Nice…

This weekend was as all weekends should be.  It was every bit as relaxed as my summer should have been.  It saw us get away from the valley.  It saw us spend a little money.  It saw me behind a camera.  It saw me spending time with my wife.  To say it was nice, well, that would just be understating the wonderfulness of this weekend. 

Did anything big happen?  NO and yes.  Nothing that was so earth shattering we are calling our parents over, it was just a GOOD weekend.

We drove to North Bend and we got some much needed clothing.  I also got some…decent photos.  Yesterday, we took it easy.  Today we again took it easy.  The best part was I was not alone.  I spent it with my favorite person.  Thanks, Cora, for a good weekend.

Today, I worked on finishing the sign…we shall see how soon I get it done.