Monday, July 27, 2009


I have horrible teeth. I assume mostly due to DNA since I do my best to keep them presentable. I had one crack the other day and had to go in and get a temporary crown put on it today. Feels better now, except for the bill...which remains to be seen. I understand that dentists and dental techs and all those other ladies milling around in there need to eat, but can't I be on a special list of people who only have to pay $25.00 for whatever I want?

Oh, and the dentist and the dental assistant got into a mock argument over my open mouth. The Dentist had a syringe in his hand and asked me if I agreed with him...given the proximity of the sharp object (IN MY JAW) I did my best to communicate my complete and utter agreement with him. He chuckled and said all of his patients agree with doubt. On the bright side, I no longer have to be careful about which side of my mouth I chew on.

I have another day of mowing ahead of me. We have two guys on vacation. There are two of us left. I am doing one of their jobs and the other guy is doing the other guy's work and his own (Which should not be a problem, because two weeks ago he did it all in three days). Still, the one that remains wanted me to help him out today instead of what I had planned...too bad for him, I had a dentist appointment. I still have to finish what I started today, so he'll just have to make do. I am a busy man!

I made tacos tonight and used tomatoes, cilantro, and tomatillos from our garden to make salsa...yum!


Grandma L said...

I am glad to hear you have your tooth fixed. I'm enjoying the fresh vegs out of your garden. Thanks again.

Cora said...

glad you got your tooth fixed I wish we had the money to fix the others, heck I wish we had the money to fix the one you have.

Loved the tacos!