Saturday, July 25, 2009

More of the Same, with a Dash of History

I am sitting having coffee as I write this. We plan to go to the 3cities to watch the boat races and airplanes. Well, that is MY plan, Cora intends to do some major relaxing next to the pool.

I cracked a molar yesterday. I was chewing on a peanut...not even a hard one. It is a tooth I have been needing to put a crown on, so I will make an appointment for this week and have the damned thing fixed. In the meantime, I will chew on the other side of my mouth...see, the cracked part did not exit my mouth, nor the gum, and it has the potential for being uncomfortable. Still, I am unwilling to pay the extra emergency fee. Since it is not horribly painful and merely an annoyance, I will wait.

I had a decent week. I sat on the tractor and mower for a good part of it. Yesterday, I worked on the house. Mowed the lawn, weeded, etc. Last night we had BBQ steak, steamed zukes and squash, and boiled baby red potatoes. I think it was a success.

I have decided to attempt an article on the Iraqi tank that Bravo Company brought back with them from the first Gulf War. I will put it on my other site, since it is a piece of Washington history. For those of you who don't know, Bravo Company is part of the 4th Tank Battalion of the Marine Corps. It is spead out all over the western US. Yakima has Bravo Company, a reserve unit that was recently called up again. Given the nearness of the Yakima Training Center, it is a perfect marriage. I decided to do the article because it is not well known, apparently, though at the time they brought it back from Iraq, there was quite a media fuss. Amazing how living in one place for awhile actually makes you a place where history is stored. Still, when asked if they knew about i, a few people gave me a blank, might as well do something about it.

That is something I have been taking advantage of, the ability of people to absorb histoy simply by living. A lot of the people I run into have lived here for quite awhile and they have stories and knowledge I have yet to tap. For instance, a month ago I ran into a gentleman who had served aboard the USS Gudgeon during the Cold War. He was aboard for a collision with another ship (Soviet) which is described in one of the books I have read. I plan on going back to pick his brain. Another might have more information on that local gunnery range. I hope to ask about the Pasco Naval Air Station (NAS) while in the 3cities, assuming I can get to the local Museum. So, now I have some places to go with the other site...I am a bit more excited about it. Oh, and if you have not had the chance, click on over to it, I still have that article written by the gentleman from Brazil about the wreck near Stehekin!

Anyone have information on Washington History they would like to see on my blog? E-mail me and I will do my best to hook you up.

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