Wednesday, July 8, 2009


What a BLAST! 500 posts!

According to our illustrious friend Blogger (and why wouldn't I trust it?) this is my 500th post. It seems odd that just a year and 4 months ago I started this silly thing. It seems like yesterday, and yet, I have done so much...and so little.

We had a good Fourth of July and the weekend was spent doing less than we had originally intended. We must have put our ambition down somewhere and forgotten where it was, because we were sure lazy.

Friday we had steak and Zucchini. Here is a photo to get you hungry(I had just put the Zuke on, and NO, the zuke fillets were not cut that pretty, but they sure tasted good).

Since then we have had Cora's wonderful pork chops and my Chicken Enchiladas...though it did turn out to be Chicken/Steak Enchilada...still, it was decent, and some other delicacies.

So, as 500th posts go, this isn't going to be a doozy, just more of the same. I simply wanted to note the takes dedication...and nothing else to stay with a blog this long.

Or is it I simply like to put things down on the screen and call them mine like a non-celluloid, non-digital Abominable Snowman... "Oh, LOOK! I have a blog! I have always wanted a blog. I shall pet him and squeeze him and name him Planetruth!"

And the beat goes on (in my head, it's Sonny and Cher)...


Cora said...

HAPPY 500th! I am so far from that and I have been blogging longer. We had some great dinners this week and I can't wait to have our homegrown zukes tonight!

Love Ya, Cora

Grandma L said...

500 that is a lot. I have never even thought about how many I have done, but I know I don't hold any records. Your food looks good.