Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday Was Fun!

I used my considerable charms and skills of deduction and observation to locate the place where the aircraft to be used for the airshow at the Tri-City Water Follies were being kept when not in use.
Though not a huge number of aircraft, often fewer is better. It allows you more time to appreciate the ones you have. The B-25 was the only one really open for the public to look at. There were supposedly $5 tours, but the aircrew was absent when i was there, so no luck there.

Here are a few photos, though. Below are the F-16s, one of which made a demonstration for the public down by the river, and then flew wing on the P-51 named Val-Halla. From left to right: Soviet Yak-11, P-51, F-16s.
Below you see a better view of Val-Halla, which appears to be dressed in early 1950s colors. Probably as an Air Defence fighter, or as an ANG bird (Air National Guard). Given the buzz numbers, I think the former.
The B-25's bomb bay was open, so I stood there and took this photo looking aft through the plexiglass.
For more aircraft pictures, see my other site.

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