Wednesday, July 29, 2009


OK, I have been and always shall be...a Trekkie! I have been getting a bigger than normal dose, too. The new movie came out. We bought a few of the old ones and they have been playing Voyager and Next Generation on TV quite a bit lately. So, now it comes naturally for me to think (I don't speak it aloud, that would be silly, since so many around me are ready to pounce and make fun when I do something silly) "Scotty, beam me up," when I am in a spot where I don't want to be. For instance: In this unforgiving roasting furnace also known as Eatern Washington, or around certain of my coworkers.

Of course, I would not mind having phaser banks in my truck...I get annoyed with other drivers easily. Sometimes it would be so comforting to fire a photon torpedo at offending traffic! ah, well. At least I have not taken to jinxing them with my wand, a la Harry Potter! (I won't say it has not occured to me though!) Jeez, I am a nerd.

Another day in paradise beckons. All the mowers seem to have something wrong with them, so I imagine today will be spent trying to fix them. Could be considerably worse, though!

We are finding more and more ripe veggies! The heat is good for that!

carry on!

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