Thursday, July 2, 2009


Amazing. I just checked my Google Analytics, which shows how many people stopped by my blog and what keywords they used to find it. I am in the big leagues now. I used to get between 10 and 25 hits per day. I am fine with that. Today I logged on and it showed on the little graph that all my previous hits were a strait-ish line on the bottom, then it got to Sunday and BAM!! a peak, then yesterday and BAM BAM BAM! A huge peak! I thought, great, Google's broken. Then I looked at the numbers...Sunday: 162, Yesterday: 481 WTF?

I looked at the keywords and found out why...

It turns out, if you are interested in the death of Billy Mays...and HOW he died...and you use Google to search for that information...well, my site came up as number nine this morning if you search for "How did Billy Mays Die" and that particular post is not...well, it does not speak well of him. I can't believe the traffic. On the bright side, most only stay an average of 13 seconds.

This is an interesting way to lead up to my 500th post. Maybe I will break the 500 people in a day mark simply by having hated Billy Mays commercials! Wouldn't that be funny? By the way, if you are counting...Blogger says this is post 498.

So, I have to go to work now, but I have a three day weekend!! Hurray! I hope all of you who found this site via a search for Billy Mays will forgive my dislike of the man's style of selling, and stay for awhile and enjoy...for you regulars, have a good day!!


Cora said...

you know you are going to get like a million hits now. Good luck when you blog crashes.

Grandma L said...

I had one of those "Joe the Plumber" moments and now it's over.

E said...

Put the words sexy girls in your blog and I bet you will hit the 1 million in no time. :)