Friday, July 10, 2009

Deere John Letter

Deere John Deere,

I love your product. In this case a tractor. I enjoyed my day yesterday, which entailed me driving your product around in large, lazy circles towing a large grass vacuum in the mid-day sun. While this partiular tractor does not retain a comfortable seat, it does run as advertised.

The downside to this is that conditions combined to lull me into a state of stupor. In fact, I was very drousy for quite awhile. I retained ear plugs and sat on my wife's knee pad that she uses for weeding the garden (remember, no seat cushion). I had a bottle of water wedged between the hot transmission and some sort of pedal. The running of the engine and the slight dips and bumps in the large lawn combined to rock me to sleep. The sun pushed down upon me, gently baking my flesh. I was unaware of this because of the nice breeze that wandered across my brow at just the rate to keep it from overheating and, of course, I think I may have slept through some of the experience. When I made it home, my wife told me I should be careful and put sunscreen on so I don't turn into a redneck-then she looked at me and said, "Too late."

Now I know how farmers get their tans...and I have to say, it is not unpleasant. Thank you for your tractor!


Cora said...

What a lovely ride yoou have. and you are welcome for the bum cushion.

kingtiger255 said...

That is too funny. You wonder why farmers drink lots of caffine when they harvest or plow their fields. LOL

Grandma L said...

Why are you pulling that little house around??????????

Gaertners 'R Us said...

It does look like a little house! Did a double take there at first...