Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good Day

So, this weekend Cora and I visited the local Museum. We also had a nice lunch and basically looked to do something cool but not sitting in the house under the AC!

Yesterday evening, as I sat checking the email, I found a nifty little complement concerning my airplane site. A guy who runs another wreckchasing site found my site and wanted to complement me! The funny thing is the way he found it. I wrote a short article/write-up on an F-104C crash back in May. That article was discovered by some people from the International F-104 Association...according to the email, my article has been making the rounds among those folks. The way this guy got it was even better. A German F-104 pilot forwarded it to him. Like he said in his email, it is amazing how the internet works.

So, with my head slightly swollen, I intend to head out to work here in a few minutes. I suppose I should do a few more posts, but I just have not been into it lately. Must be the heat...or maybe it is my extreme lack of ambition...I am always misplacing my ambition. Could someone send me some more ambition? I mean, IF you have some laying around.


Grandma L said...

That is so cool. Now I am going to find it and read it myself, Mr. Poopular.
As far as blog stagnation, I have a severe case of it as well. I think it's the weather.

Cora said...

That is so cool that you were found that way.