Monday, January 10, 2011

The Time Has Come The Walrus Said...

Now we embark upon our longest journey and the biggest change in our lives...ever.

I am almost failed by words.

it is an immense feeling.

It is a mixture of fear and...


You see...words.  Failing.

How about I start with my day?

I worked teaching first graders today.  It was awesome to see them dig from seeming endless depths numerous books with Maps and information on China and Asia in them after I told them that tomorrow I will fly to China.

I might have had my mind on other things.  Can't imagine why.  I managed to give a math sheet to the kids for reading.  OK, dummy, what next?  I misplaced the math book and lacking that, pulled a lesson on organization out of my rear.  It was received quite well, and I think the kids learned a lot about organization and order and the relationships between units of measure.  I was really amazed that they took to my lecture so well.

There were several teachers who wished me good luck.  I never fail to feel welcome at that school.





We leave behind a system of neighbors, friends, and family that will look after our house, our dogs, and our best interests.  They will await our return with our sweet daughter.  It never ceases to amaze me just how true that saying is about it taking a village to raise a child.  At every school I work, from every person I work with, from every person I have interacted with, from every person Cora works with, and from our community and family we have received SO much support.  It is this moral, economic, mental support that has kept us going.

I don't know how often we will be able to blog of Facebook or email, but we will try.

tomorrow will be a day of flying.

All of our bags are packed.  Amazingly, we have not left much behind.  I think we are ready.  We can do this.  


Kelly said...

Yes, you can do this - and we're all right here with you.

SpunkyBookworm said...

Wish I could see you before you leave. So excited! You'll be held up in our prayers! Enjoy your last moments as a couple, and look forward to the rest of your life as a family of 3!!