Sunday, January 9, 2011

Calm and Focused...well, maybe not focused.

I think we are getting past the mind numbing freaking and jitters.  We are slowly getting packed and ready.  It's almost there and then all we will have to do is fly away.

Yesterday was spent cleaning.  I cleaned the kitchen and mopped.  Cora packed and unpacked and packed.  She arranged and looked and packed.  She made lists.  I made lists.  We read lists.  We made more lists.  Even this morning we are making lists.  I number mine.  Last night I numbered one "Packing List #436."  It wasn't actually list number 436, but my it's sense of humor and the need to get it out at all costs before we are in a situation where a wisecrack will doom us with a Chinese official.  My next list will probably be "number 5,286."  But that's how I do things.

Hey, you know, I'm not the first one to number out of sequence.  The world's militaries have been doing it for years.  In WWII the Germans purposely numbered their U-boats in such a way to throw off allied counting methods.  Of course, I'm not trying to throw off an enemy, I just have an advanced sense of the absurd and know that i write a new list every few's how I process things.  Oh, and I am ALWAYS forgetting the damned things when I need them.  It helps me commit the items to memory better if I list them and forget the list...does that make sense?  NO?  Yeah, I was kinda getting lost in my own reasoning, too.  It happens.

Well, I should get packing, or give the dog a bath, or make a sandwich...none of which are on my list.  Well, the packing is.

Maybe we are done freaking to excess, but now I have that feeling of going down with the ship.  

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