Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Most Beautiful Girl Ever.

I melted when I saw those dark eyes.  I could not even begin to describe the feelings inside when I look at that wonderful little girl.  I can't wait to bring her home and let you meet her in person.  You'll see for yourselves, but, the words perfect, beautiful, and lovely are simply not strong enough to describe our little Chloe.  I can't believe she is finally in our arms.

She is quiet and inquisitive and sticks to Cora like glue.  She simply loves the necklace that Cora wheres with Chloe's name on it.  And she likes to play with Cora's hair and my beard when I'm close enough.  I have to admit that I am hopelessly. helplessly, and deeply in love.

We cannot post pictures on Blogger, we will try to post some to shutterfly and open it up so you can see.


aunt Karen and uncle Dennis said...

Congrats!!! Mommy and Daddy sooo happy for you!!

SpunkyBookworm said...

Ecstatic! No other words. Tear.

Peta-maree said...

welcome to the parents club. i have had tears in my eyes since I saw the words that you have her and that she is in Cora's arms

Now to go and plan my trip to come and see you hopefuly soon

Hugs and love

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Congrats! I am so happy for you guys!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So Happy that I'm crying just looking at your picture, she is a beauty she looks like a little charmer,We are so happy for you guys
Aunt Carol