Friday, January 14, 2011

Summer Palace and Hutong

 This door way was in a wall at the Summer Palace.
 This was a mother and daughter taking pictures in the "Longest Corridor" in China.  The by play I watched here was entertaining and caused me to fall behind Cora and our guide.  The mother was speaking in Chinese, but you could tell she was saying things like, "Smile, now say cheese, now say pig feet."  they were obviously enjoying each other's company and the experience.

 And i had to throw in some pictures of my beautiful wife.  Note that it was absolutely frigid.  

 Our guide took us for another "authentic" Chinese lunch.  It was, how do I say this without sounding too enthusiastic...THE BEST Kung Pao Chicken either of us has ever had.  It was just perfectly sweet and had enough pao!  It was very good.  The Beijing Noodle dish, on the other hand...well, it wasn't my cup of noodles.
 Oh, and I think it is a right of passage to show a sqatty potty on your blog if you travel to China, so here is mine.  And NO, I didn't use it...I'm not THAT coordinated, or well balanced.
 We went on a Hutong Tour.  Hutong is Chinese for alley, though it was apparently a word used for "well," at one time.  That's what our spunky guide said anyway.  We never got her name, it was a challenge to get a word in edgewise.  She took us to this man's house, who shared a courtyard with a few other families...He had tea ready for us, and some sort of Chinese cracker and he gave us some candy and, well, he was a very nice man.  He was retired, and used to be a chef.  He now cooks for his wife, who also retired, but decided to go back to work to get out.  She works in a grocery store.  He has a 27 year old daughter who still does not have a boyfriend even!  He was so very friendly and warm and welcoming...well, it was a privilege to visit his home.  We failed to get his name, too...I feel like we must have missed it, but would not be surprised if she did not provide it to us.

We also went to the Temple of heaven.  I am trying to keep posts short, though, since we are using alternate measures to get to our blogs.  Be sure to check Cora's blog, as she has different pictures.


Lorrene said...

I am enjoying all the wonderful pictures and your experiences.

Anonymous said...

Love that sqatty potty, sure glad we don't have them over here . Looks like you are having a lot of fun !! try to stay warm !!!!!

Aunt Carol

sweet momma luv u said...

Great pictures Jim!!

Anonymous said...

Just where is your hat, son? Couldn't you have worn a shirt either tucked in or ironed? Your wife looks so fresh and neat. I thought I might try to sound like a Jewish mother but probably failed. Love reading both of your blogs and looking at the most amazing photos. I wonder who took them? About the names don't worry too much about not getting them, sometimes I think they just might not want you to know, they might just want you to get a feel of the China that is out there. I beleive that most of them are really truly ordinary people like us. Two days to Chloe and counting. love your mom

Alyson and Ford said...

Yes, you are enjoying everything we did too...... but I DID use a squatty potty and survived. When you have to go....
Enjoy! I am so loving that you are getting through to post here and on Facebook. You will have a wonderful time putting together your journey book, keep writing daily!

Alyzabeth's Mommy