Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boats On the Water, Fire in The Sky

OK, not so much fire in the sky, but lots of boats went by the water front park I was walking Chloe around in yesterday.  She finally fell asleep and I was free for photos!
This one was high in the water, meaning it either did not have a load or had a very light cargo.

this one, as you can see, was low in the water, meaning it had a heavy cargo going up-river.  The thing on the bow seems to be a conveyor belt, which would help with unloading.

This small container carrier was headed up-river, too.  If my calculations are correct, it is hauling 18 containers.

this one seems a bit light, but it was moving faster than most of the boats on the river.

This little ferry went up a different part of the river.  Under some low bridges.  You can see it's mast folded back for such low clearance duty.

This one is VERY low in the water.  Usually you see dredged material going DOWN river, but this all was going up river.  One can only guess why.

I'd spend more time at this water front park if I could.  It's like a slow TV program.  Chloe sat on my chest telling me how bad a father I was for trying to cover her head and also keep her hands warm.  I managed to spare an arm for one photo of her before she went ballistic about photographs of her without her hair done up.  Finally, she drifted off to sleep.

Today is our consulate appointment, so we are holed up in our hotel room until we get the go ahead and go take our vows...

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Lorrene said...

That little girl has seen more the past week than she has seen in her lifetime, but when you get up at 4 AM you need to take a nap.
Maybe you've seen more in the past week than you've seen in your whole life time.