Wednesday, January 19, 2011

China Adventure Continues

Sorry about the dearth of posting. Hope you folks like the pictures of our Darling Chloe. Thanks to Diana for making those possible!

Last night we swapped her out under dark of night (She prefers to be held at night right now, and heavily prefers Cora, I'm no good) and I slept with her draped over my chest for several hours. We'd done the same thing the night before, but she caught on and had a meltdown...I'm "NOT THE MOMMA." So she went back to her tired mother's arms. Well, last night we did it again so Cora could stretch and sleep a little.

The kid stirred and I sat up rocking her. She looked at me in the half light and reached out her hand. She did not cry. I kissed her hand and she ran her fingers through my beard. She looked again and me

and then turned her head to go back to sleep. It seemed she was saying, "Could be worse."

We visited Mao's School yesterday and the Hunan Provincial Museum. At the former we saw the desk that Mao sat in as a student and at the latter we saw a two thousand year old mummy. I took pictures because she reminded me of some people I know. You can discuss among yourselves who you think that might be. :-)

I took the girl for a walk last night. We have known about Chinese grandmothers and how they want to see babies wrapped up within an inch of their noses. I was on the elevator with Chloe giving Mom a rest when everyone left but us and an old Chinese man, who proceeded to bark words at my sixteen month-old daughter. Finally, he addressed me. I told him I did not know Chinese. He took Chloe's hand and pressed it to his cheek...checking to be sure she was warm enough, then he proceeded to bark at me. I smiled, not knowing what the hell he was saying. He gestured to his own three coats. Then he gestured at her. It was clear that Chinese grandfathers are of the same mind as their wives: Babies must be wrapped up until they look like the Michelin Man.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said... got accosted by the male clothing police! Fun times!

Sounds like a good night!

sweet momma luv u said...

I am so excited that she stayed with you Jim last evening! That is fantastic! Small baby steps and things will eventually start to flow and the trust connections are made.

Oh my I have never seen a grandfather clothes policeman. That is hilarious!!


Anonymous said...

She is SO SO beautiful. And so are her parents. I wish you a lifetime of parental happiness.

Alyson and Ford said...

Love that you are posting! I cannot believe you were yelled at by a Chinese dad/grandfather! I had to laugh! You are a great daddy!!

Alyzabeth's Mommy