Saturday, January 29, 2011

Home At Last

At last, I sit at home in my treasured Lay-Z Boy.  My laptop upon my lap and my eye-lids nearly shut.  I have been awake since 4:30am in Hong Kong.  I once was able to calculate the time difference, but the many hours awake since then have rendered my calculating power to somewhere between a slide rule and a rock.  My senses have been degraded and my wit compromised.  I am a walking hollow shape of a man.  Jet lag has latched its hideous claws into my brain and nothing but haze fills the space between my ears.

We left the Hong Kong Marriott at about 6:00AM yesterday.  We got into Seattle at 7:21am and then spent over an hour in immigration and customs.  We made it home at about noon.  To a welcome that could not be beat.  The Grandparents and a couple aunts were on hand to greet us and even provided some much needed tacos!  The love and happiness was much needed after so much time travelling in a foreign country.  Who knew I would appreciate what we have SOOOO much!?

Hong Kong dollars have see-thru windows.

a lovely fellow train traveller.

a view from the train

a bridge in Hong Kong

the Boeing 747 we flew in from Hong Kong to Tokyo.
I am so HAPPY to be home.  Thanks to all who have followed us on our adventures!  Know that the photos seen here are but the tip of the iceberg.

I am happy to be home, but now I need sleep!


SpunkyBookworm said...

I just logged on. I'm so glad you're home!! Now you can start your new life! These pics are wonderful! I love how Cora's looking at you with so much humor. Looking at the old building from China makes me want to learn about the history of that building. So glad that you have experienced so much by being there, and what more adventure you will have from now on! My baby girl will be 18 in March. It flew by very fast, and a doting mother I was not! I wish I could go back and be more of one. But alas, I get to see my friends enjoy their beautiful children and be a part of it. :D

Kayce said...

Welcome home!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Welcome Home it is always fun to leave and you had a wonderful reason to to leave ,but it is always great to get home and to your own recliner and bed and that wonderful Gift from God to make your home complete. Soooo Happy for You and Cora and Chloe.Love your pictures they make us feel apart of your adventure.
Love you guys
Aunt Carol

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Welcome home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sweet momma luv u said...

Welcome home !!!! Catch up on your sleep... well maybe not with a new little daughter there. LOL!

jade said...

Welcome home and thank you for letting us share these precious moments and all the pictures and the very nice posts - even with a head full of mist, you find the right words to explain it all! Looking forward to hearing all about Chloe getting herself settled in at her forever home!

Alyson and Ford said...

You took some wonderful pictures during your trip; your journey book will be wonderful!
Congrats on being home and enjoying that precious daughter.

Alyzabeth's Mommy