Tuesday, January 25, 2011

People of China

Apparently this lady was returning home with a few groceries.
 One thing I am continually fascinated by is the people of China.  They have many faces, and many jobs, and many economic levels, but they are people.  We may seem different, what with our Western ways and their Eastern ways, but at the bottom, where it matters most, we are all people.
 This young lady was a model for some photographers taking a break.
 This old lady I found in a park.  I watched her make six or so steps backward and then close her eyes, as though in prayer.  I hope she didn't mind the man with a baby struggling to take a photo.
 This young lady was enjoying the ships going by the riverside park I was at, almost as much as I.  I snapped a photo of this modern Chinese girl when she appeared not to be watching me.
 This girl was apparently employed by a restaurant nearby, but business was slow and she was on the phone...for about the entire 45 minutes I was in the park.
 This shot was made out the car window.  I liked the colors, his headwear, and the flag.
 Different park.
 These men seemed not so much sight-seers, but businessmen...who knows, maybe Chinese mafia?
 And these women worked at the Folk Arts Center.

This lady sat next to her friend...and I think she caught on that she was the subject of my photo.

And finally, so you will not think I have forgotten about the lovely, sweet, and consistently adorable Chloe, here is a photo of her in the bathroom, helping Mom.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

While those are lovely photos of the people of China...I had to quickly scroll down to the main attraction! Adorable!!! I recognize that outfit!!

Kayce said...

Lovely photos of truly beautiful people. I was always amazed at the joy coming from each person we saw...regardless of economic status everyone seemed to have joy in them.

And that joy is pouring out of your daughter!!!! :) Enjoy consulate day!