Friday, January 14, 2011

The Real Temple of Heaven

I only posted the picture of Cora because the connection was dicey and pictures were taking forever to load.  It happened to be the first one to make it.  Our tour of the Temple of Heaven might have been more greatly appreciated if the temperature had not been 12 degrees with a significant windchill...and there was plenty of chilly wind to go around.  It froze my face to such a degree that I tried to make an expression and could not tell if I had accomplished it or not.  It was much like placing your face in ice water.

The views, with the blue skies and clear weather, were unmatched.  The craftsmanship is beautiful.  We stood where the Emperor stood to make sacrifices to assure good harvests.  It was very impressive.

We are off to the Forbidden City today.  Hopefully our digital tunnel to the States holds up in Changsha and Guangzhou.  If it doesn't we may be waiting a while to post more.

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sweet momma luv u said...

WOW! That is cold..... Are you freezing your behinds off? Hope you took some hand warmer and toe warmers with you.

Enjoy the Forbidden City.
When we were in China I had set up to have my friend post for me via email. I had to authorize her to be one of the authors of the blog. You can do it before you loose all connections with the US on blogger.
I'd be happy to do it for you guys but you may want a family member to do it for you instead. Are you skyping your family?

Let me know if you need anything.