Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan 18

Jim & Cora have not been able to access blogger or send photos from Hunan, so I am grabbing what they are able to post on FB and posting on their blogs for them. Same post for both blogs!~DHM

The adoption was completed today and Chloe is officially theirs FOREVER!


Anonymous said...

I bet she has you (Jim)wrapped around her little finger,if not yet will be soon,she is a doll.
Aunt Carol

Lorrene said...

I can't see any signs of her missing the orphanage yet.

jade said...

Woohoo! Looks like you're doing it all according to the books: getting smiles and upset faces (and yells to go with them?). What a doll! Thank you for updating the blogs, as I don't do FB (and am not a friend of either) I would have had to wait so long to get more pictures of the cutie pie! I am so glad for all three, I really am - what a relief to know she has a real family now, for ever and after! And also wanted to say how good she's looking in the lively colors you picked for her!