Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt of 2011

 We went up in the mountains yesterday to get a Christmas Tree.  And this is what we found...a cool little gazebo next to a river, it was really neat, and quiet back in the woods.

 Our first few attempts did not come up with success.

The snow was...deep.  Which made pulling a sled and a tree more than a little work.  Both Cora and I are sore this morning.  The tree is in the back yard waiting for us to prepare the front room for a tree.
 We are sore, but Chloe suffers no such problem...I can't imagine why.


Lorrene said...

What beautiful winter scenes. I love that first picture of Chloe and Cora. It's perfect !!!!

Charissa said...

Love the pictures! This is my second time back to look at them. In all these pictures I am really enjoying the smile on Cora's face as well as Chloe's.

jade said...

I am sore just looking at Cora pulling Chloe along! But the finished tree was definitely worth it, if you'd ask me.