Sunday, December 18, 2011

Busy Weekend, and Never Long Enough

 I saw someone post on Facebook a photo that had obviously been run through a program, but I liked it and sat there visualizing how they'd done it.  Of course, iPhones do it automatically, but I had to do all the steps in the right order.  I think I did ok, not quite and exact match, but close.
 This weekend we tried to get some of the Seasonal stuff done.  Cora managed to wrap packages, we got a chance to go shopping, and we took Chloe to see Santa.  Check out Cora's blog for THAT photo!  It was awesome how she walked up to the man in red and, while not entirely relaxed about it, nevertheless confident.  Plus we were only a few feet away.  She's been talking about Santa for the past couple weeks!  Convinced that he'll be bringing candy...I'm sure he will.
 We built a gingerbread house, and by built, I mean we purchased a pre-made one and all we did was ice it and decorate it.
 Chloe helped herself to the candy decorations and by the end of the evening was bouncing, literally, off furniture.  She also accompanied herself with a Ti-ti-ti-ti clockwork sound that seemed to have the tempo of her movements!  We took her for a walk to try and burn off the energy from all that candy.  I have never seen a kid get so wound up on sugar!

All-in-all, it was a good weekend.  Cora and I got to eat lunch sans Chloe!

On the down side, Cora doesn't get to spend much time with us for the next couple weeks.  Which is totally sucky.  I think you ought to get two days for Christmas!  At least!  So, Chloe and I will be a Dangerous Duo this week!

Have a safe week!

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Charissa said...

Love the photo 3rd from the top, Spunk!