Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!!

 We spent Christmas Eve with Cora's family and had a great time!  I managed to snag a GREAT camera bag!!  Chloe managed to make a great haul, too!  But most of all it was great seeing family.  And, to me, that's the whole reason for the season!  I love seeing family that I don't usually see!
 Of course, this is Chloe's first Christmas!  We are so beyond happy to celebrate it with her!  She is a quick study and was ripping into the wrapping in no time!
 She and her cousin managed to keep everyone busy.  Here you see Leah with her baby and stroller!  Both girls liked that.  Something we did not foresee.
Merry Christmas to you all!!!  We are relaxing as a family this morning.  We'll see my parents soon and then have tomorrow to spend together as a family before Cora has to go back to work.

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