Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ah, Solstice

 Chloe and I went to town yesterday.  I took her to the doctor for a quick check, she was fine.  Then we went for a short drive during which i took a few pictures.  Which I brought home and put my own touch upon.
 They were kind of boring shots before, but they are marginally more interesting now.
 As you can see, Chloe decided to play for awhile.
 I have a lot to do, but doing things with a two year old is, at best, a challenge.  I don't know how single mothers do a thing!  They have my eternal respect.  I get a few things done during the day, but honestly, it's a small percentage of what I could do if not tripping over Legos, toys, and a toddler.  Speaking of whom, have a look at this.  Chloe disappeared down the hallway the other night.  Since it was a bit too quiet, I went to investigate.This is what I found.
Should be a good day.  I need to find out what I am expected to bring for Christmas...what kind of food, etc. should be enough time for me to do some shopping.  I've been trying to make progress on the house, but yesterday, I was as tired as Chloe at nap time.

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