Monday, December 5, 2011

Big Decorator!

We got a tree that seemed a bit on the large side, once we got it in the house.  It looked smaller in the forest.
 We got lights and some garland on it while Chloe was down for nap, but waited for her so we could all do decorations.
 She took to it as she has everything else, with a willingness and a voracity of a hungry animal!
 or...a gremlin.  Our friends, with whom we traveled to China, characterized Chloe as a gremlin...We had fun with that!
Toby hates the decorating of the tree, because every year we make him put on these antlers.  It's a tradition he'd like to do without.

the finished product!


Charissa said...

Very fun! Big tree =) Lots of smiles! Poor Toby, he's looking older. Thanks for sharing this memorable season here.

Grandma L said...

Beautiful tree.