Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Beckons

I am SOO glad it's Friday!  I am tired and ready for a couple days off.  I have been grading projects the past day or so, and suspect I should bring them home to work on, but...nahhh, I am not doing that.  I'll do it at work. The kids took all of five minutes on their work, why should I take part of my weekend for that?  Well, some actually did some good work, and actually seem to have picked something up!  Amazing!

There are a few things I need to do this weekend that I'd like to avoid, working around the house being one of them, and Christmas gift that.  Fortunately that last one lands soundly in Cora's court and often it is only my opinion that is needed!

Last night I put Chloe to bed, or tried, since she was loathe to fall asleep quickly.  At one point I sung several songs to her.  Mostly Beatles songs.  It wasn't until I began singing "Hello,Goodbye" that she sung along with was probably the best duet I'll ever take part in.  Obviously she is the real talent.  I'd start by singing, "You say yes-"  then she'd say "Yesss."  "I say no."  She'd respond with "Nooo."  "I say
hi,' you say 'helloooo.'"  She's sing, "Heh-whoa."  It was awesome!

I'm not certain how I'll take being a stay at home dad for two weeks, it should be ok, but we may be visiting Mom at work a few times.  Maybe I'll get a chance to take some photos...I have done that much lately.  Being a responsible adult and faking being a teacher really takes away from all that free-time I used to have.

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SpunkyBookworm said...

Love it! The pics in the background are so great! I dub it "Chloe's Wall".
Have a great Winter Break and wonderful First Christmas.