Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Few Photos from the Past Few Days

 A new game at night is "Night Night."  Whereby Chloe grabs you from your chair and brings you down to her level.  There she introduces you to a pillow, expecting fully for you to pretend to go to sleep, or, barring that at least keep your head on the pillow...if you don't she will tell you, "Lay DOWN."  If you don't she will repeat the command and follow it with either a hand on your head or the word, "NOW!"  at which point, I immediately put my head down.  She joined me and we got to read books.  Cora was kind enough to snap a few shots.
 Yesterday, a close family friend texted me asking if we would like a "Princess Vanity."  I said sure, unsure of what the heck she was talking about, but suspecting it would be something Chloe liked, whatever it was.  I picked it up and was pleased to find something about Chloe's size and when she saw it, my suspicions were confirmed.  She had hardly walked in the door and made a bee line for it...this morning she went straight to it, bypassing the "kitchen."  I think she is smitten.
Of course, we had to watch Elmo, too.  But only if Daddy piled pillows just right and covered her with a blanket.  She also needed some "Hot Milk."


Charissa said...

In the last picture I see she's on the reserve "hot milk". Looks like me and my coffee, course I'm not a big Elmo fan.

Lorrene said...

What a perfect life. Chloe has it made in the shade.