Saturday, September 5, 2009


I have not posted much lately. I guess I have just been lazy. Well, we DID get our phones, and at least one evening was spent tying to get them to cooperate with us. I finally figured out how to connect it to the computer. I can now transfer files from the phone to my computer and back again. HURRAY!

When I went in and picked them up on Wednesday, they told me I could not get the data plan. Well, not until the end of the billing cycle. Otherwise we would get charged for the entire month of data usage...they don't pro-rate...which totally sucks. So, we are stuck with hones that are just phones...well, not really, our phones are also video cameras, still cameras, PDAs, and hand held gaming devices. On a really bad day, they could even substitute as a throwing weapon...

I promised the boss I would work the first week of school for him in maintenance. I did not expect any teachers to be sick the first week of school...boy was I wrong. I got requested to work the entire week by one teacher. I think there was a death in the family and I felt bad that I could not help. Oh, well, in the long run, at least I am working!

We got some news on the adoption...mostly good, in that it is progressing, but no specific time table, which is not good.

Today we are just sort of relaxing. I think we'll go into town today and probably go to North Bend to get me some new clothes for teaching sometime this weekend.


Cora said...

I like my phone now I am sure I will love when I can check facebook from anywhere, he he!

Grandma L said...

My how times have changed in 80 years. My grandparents had a phone hanging on the wall. It had a crank on the side that you had to crank to get the operator to say,"number please". But first of all you had to listen to make sure none of your neighbors were already using the phone line. My parents didn't even have one.