Sunday, September 13, 2009

Toby, Via Phone

I am forever amused by my Jack Russell Terror. I took him shooting yesterday and he made friends with some wonderful people from Enumclaw...who came to the valley for fruit, and to shoot. They were amazed to see him rocket up the hill about 1/4 mile and then come back and then do it again. They were pleasantly surprised to see him drink out of my water bottle...relatively efficiently, I might add.

Cora bought a pillow for BB's room. We moved a small bed into his room and we were looking through some of the things we may want to tke with us to Burundi, when Toby wandered in. He quickly determined the most comfortable spot in the room, and lay there. We found him too cute to move. It takes a lot of energy to charm strangers.
I eventually covered him with my shirt...he is not spoiled in the least. I took these with my phone.


Grandma L said...

I predict Toby and BB will be best friends. That is, if BB is willing to share his pillow and bed.

Cora said...

He is cute.