Sunday, August 30, 2009


Isn't it interesting that phones, which at one time only transmitted sounds, now transmit SO MUCH more than sound? Who, apart from the odd sci-fi writer foresaw that? I mean, take a look at the movie Lethal Weapon from the 1980s. Remember that brick that Dany Glover was talking into? Who, at the time, thought, well, in a few years that phone will be so tiny you can put it in a pocket? I am certain almost no one thought, "Well, wait until they can play movies on their phone." I'd have probably said, "Sure, in the year 2250 (OK, I was 12 or so when the movie came out, I wasn't very good with dates)!"

And, here's another thing. Who looked at a camera and a phone and said, "what would happen if those two mated?" Or even a phone and a computer? And, I really want to know who the guy was that decided the screen should be able to sense touch! Because, I don't care what era you live in, that's COOL!

When phones were first invented they were connected via a network of heavy cables. People depended on "operators" to connect them. Now banks of computers do that job. And who needs cabes or wires? We just send our electronified voices (I'd have said digitized, but electronified seems much cooler, maybe it will catch on) out across the air waves.

This post has a point, and I intend to make it eventually. Cora and I bought new phones yesterday. We managed to get a very good deal. While other providers/carriers were charging $30 per phone for the ability to surf the internet, we found one that would do that for both phones for a low price, not too mention the helpful sales rep gave us his own 27% employee discount (I suspect it is because the end of the month is right round the corner).
We wanted one of the new cool know, touch screen, senses when it is upside down, stuff like that, but we decided to go with something we could afford instead. Turns out the ones we chose aren't slouches. The ones we got will play video, take video, pictures, allow us to surf the net (Not that fake mobile net, which I can't make heads or tails of, but real net, like on your computer) and, of course, make phone calls. If you want to look at it and see what else it can do, here is a link: Centro

If you are interested in getting an OLD PHONE for your very own, go here: Old Phones And I want to thank them for the image of the old phone above, I borrowed one of their images to ilustrate the evolution of phones.


Cora said...

we are so cool now! I can't wait to get them in.

Grandma L said...

Technology is having a run-away. I can't keep up with it.