Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mismatched Thursday

This morning I watched the news and noticed that they were not showing video that matched the story. They were talking about a mental hospital/asylum, and showed images of kids walking out of what appeared to be a local I thought I would experiment with it today in my blog. I wonder if you will notice whether the pictures match the blog material today. Will you prove that you don't actually read this blog by commenting on a photo that doesn't match? We'll see.
I guess it is a similar tactic to answering questions you don't like. I have at times done the same thing. I have answered different questions than were asked. Especially in a few of my History classes, on tests. If you can baffle the professor with a torrent of information, there is a chance that they will forget the answer they are looking for in the deluge of pointless and mismatched information you are throwing at them.
I was sitting here at the computer this morning watching for a job. I was getting fairly discouraged, since it was drawing nearer 6:30am. All of a sudden the phone rang. I got a job. I was ecstatic!
I taught first grade. I enjoyed it. They were...energetic. I did have one little boy tell me he wished I was his dad. I was a little taken aback. I said, "Why?" He said "'cause you have those cool glasses and you have a beard!" Oh, ok...that makes a little sense...or is that a little less sense? I decided to take it as a complement. He's a good kid who sometimes has difficulties controlling his actions...did I say sometimes? Still, he is one of the kids I look for in that school, and he brings a smile to my face with his unconditional devotion and determination to saying "Hi!" to Mr. H.
When I got home I sat in the back yard. I put bird seed in some of the little shallow bird feeder thingies I have on the fence and was greeted with the flutter of little wings. Amazing the number of birds in the back yard! They showed little fear of me!
And finally, Cora made her wonderful pork chops with quinoa! AWESOME!!!!!!!

Now, I sit at the computer waiting.


Grandma L said...

You have some of the most fantastic photo's. Don't ask me if they match what you are talking about. I just look at the pictures anyway. LOL
I think the ultimate complement would be a little boy saying he wishes you were his Dad, but it kind of had some sad undertones. I wonder if he has a Daddy in his life.

Peta-maree said...

I am rolling on the floor with laughter. They dont match but they do make your think more.

Cora said...

Glad you finally posted about your tanker truck and our times in CA. Funny how you tied it in with Airsoft with Sid but hey it works I guess.
Love you ;0)

Charissa said...

Hmm... Probably the first time in a while that I actually read your post. You should have put your intro down a bit farther and I would have past over the text completely.

The little boy is cute. Asylum funnier.

bye bro