Friday, September 25, 2009

Bird Flu...Floo...Flew

A personal experience with the downside of having a dog door:

I had just taken a shower. I had toweled off and gotten dressed. I picked up my coffee cup to go into the living room. To do this I would have to walk down the hallway. Just as I turned toward the hall, my vision not quite focused, something brown/gray seemed to hover passed at about eye level and disappeared out of sight. I blinked, certain I was seeing things. Then a black and white cat and a brown and white dog followed closely behind.

I followed both of them into the sewing room. The cat was in search mode. The dog, too, was intent on looking for something. I decided there must be a bird in there...why it took so long for my shower fogged mind to come to that conclusion is beyond me. I shooed the cat out, and kept the dog. Finally, after slowly venturing around the room, the dog shoving his nose into corners, something moved in the window...amongst the plants (Read two small cacti and two dead things that once were green). I didn't jump too high. Really. I shooed the dog out. I closed the door and took a step toward the bird...but the door opened again and Toby's nose poked in again. So I shooed him back out, and argued with the door for a minute. It still didn't latch, but Toby had given up his efforts to assist in the coming capture.
I began to step toward the bird, it sat watching me. I reached out my hand slowly and it flew across the room. I did that twice before I was able to grab it. I didn't have the presence of mind to take pictures until I got out in the living room. Shortly after these photos, I released him/her into the wild. He flew off. I hope he makes it.
I believe Sully was a little sulky after I stole his thunder...err, bird.

This is him last night, eying the bird feeders...and occasionally the birds. Hmm, it occurs to me that perhaps "Bird Feeder" has more than one meaning. Sully seems to have taken it differently than intended.
I may have inadvertently caused this little fiasco in the making. I am just glad it didn't happen when we were out of the house...can you imagine the horror?


Cora said...

poor little birdie I hope he finds shelter and stays away from cats.

Cora said...

Oh and I hope that we don't ever come home to that scene. I don't even want to imagine the mess.

Grandma L said...

What a cute little bird. You did your good deed for the day, rescuing a poor defenseless bird from a wild vicious cat.