Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sub Work

I have had two days off. Not on purpose. Apparently, some people have not been calling in for subs. Let me just say, I am against teachers going to work sick. I think as soon as they get a sniffle, they should call ME! After all, they could spread things like the swine flu and bird flu...and lion flu...and elephant flu! Oh, teachers! You should call in sick and request me for your sub! The children of the world beg of you! Just as a precaution!!

Monday, after staying up late Sunday night watching for jobs, I got up again at 5am...yes, 5am. And I sat next to the computer watching the sub-site. NOTHING! Again on Monday night and Tuesday morning...NOTHING! OK, People! You have to be sick or something!

On the bright side, I got shit done around the house.

Today, I worked. For a very short time, I worked. I found a half-day. And, by gawd, I took it! I don't usually take 1/2 days...but given the previous two days, I took it. I had three classes, of which, only two could have realistically been called classes. Still, I got paid for it. I got home a little after 11am. It made the day last forEVER!!!

I began signing up with another district, since sub-jobs are coming slow. Turns out it's been over two years since I last had my fingerprints taken by the state for education...we don't include the innumerable times I have had my prints taken for the adoption...apparently being o.k.'d by the FBI, CIA, State Police, county sheriff, and city police for adopting a child from another country doesn't work for the department of education. They need a special type of finger print! I suppose I shouldn't be all down on it, since it IS looking out for our children...and someday I might have a child to worry about. Still, did you know the price for renewing your prints with the Dept. of Ed is something along the lines of $75???? That's almost 3/4 of a day for me! I am running out of money, that's why I want to work for a different school district! Come on!

So, apart from that, there isn't much going on, except the Bishop appears to be coming to the which time our documents will take longer to go through...figures. If he could just bring BB with him, I think I could handle all the other crap! (He's little, he wouldn't take up much space!)

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Grandma L said...

What's the Bishop coming to the US for? If he wants my advise I would tell him to stay over there until he gets his ducks in a row. Maybe you can seize him and hold him for ransom. You know, trade BB for their Bishop. Oh well, I guess he wouldn't fit in the crib.